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Ceaseless rain led to widespread disappointment Sunday, officially delaying the Daytona 500. Drivers were stuck waiting around to see if conditions would improve, and when it became apparent the race would be postponed until Monday, Timmy Hill decided to use his free time to grab a bite.

When the 26-year-old realized NASCAR catering had left the racetrack, he improvised by heading to Bojangles inside the stadium.

And left with french fries.

Now look, there are conflicting reports that the in-track Bojangles may have only had fries left, and I really hope that’s the case here.

I try to make it a point not to have strong feelings about things that don’t really affect me, but in this case, I have to make an exception. Taking a special trip to Bojangles and leaving only with fries is a fast-food crime, and I will not let it slide.

In the depth chart of Bojangles sides, the fries rank low. They’re steak fries, for one thing (I personally prefer thin-cut fries), but that’s missing the biggest point in that ordering fries from a foreign Bojangles is like walking into a minefield. There are rare circumstances in which Bojangles fries are exceptional, but it all comes down to the seasoning. The restaurant uses a proprietary “Cajun seasoning,” in which the primary ingredient is salt. Depending on who’s making them, you could end up with fries that are unseasoned and flavorless or too seasoned and inedible.

After many years of eating at Bojangles, I feel like I’ve only experienced the perfect amount of seasoning once, maybe twice. It’s why I know only rookies go for fries whereas Bojangles veterans know the real power is in the dirty rice, which is exceptional every single time you order it.

This makes Hill’s entire trip nonsensical. He left a racetrack to get Bojangles, which is an objectively wonderful choice, then ruined it by only ordering fries and then leaving. Dude, you are an athlete — I understand you need to watch calorie intake, but there are just so many ways to eat healthier (and better) at Bojangles without subjecting yourself to inconsistent fries.

Let’s assume for a second that he got a picnic-sized fry, since this was a meal replacement. He ate 670 calories right there. Instead he should have gotten a roasted chicken bites combo with dirty rice for 520 and would have had calories left over for a sweet tea.

Hill is from Maryland, so I’ll cut him a little slack — I just want him to know he could have done so much better.